Tuesday, April 13, 2010

4/15 celebration! by orange

The husband is a tax accountant by day - so he has been extremely busy for the last three months.  He said good bye to Saturdays about 2 months ago and said good bye to Sundays as well for the last couple weeks.  Needless to say, when 4/15 comes around it's an all-out celebration in our house. 

Last year, we headed to a Mariner's game the night of 4/15 with a bunch of friends. 

it started innocently

violet joined in the fun

then...we started to drink

and take some pictures

like this one

This year, we are headed out to dinner at Tutta Bella and then meeting up with friends at Barrio in Capitol Hill.  I think it'll be a tad classier than last year's events. 

Then to really celebrate that the husband has some free time we are headed to Leavenworth, WA for the weekend with our friends Jared, Katie and Signe.  Oh and 4 dogs.  Should be lots of fun.  Pictures to come soon!


  1. Oh how fun! make sure you stop by Mapel Boutique while in Leavenworth. They carry SPUN...tell them that I sent you! <3

  2. Will do! Thanks so much for the tip! Violet has mentioned Mapel to me before...I believe they have clothes that are on "happy hour special" - can't wait to check it out!