Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Weekend Briefly. by orange

Here is a bit of what this weekend included:

1. Good conversation and delicious food on a double date with our good friends EC & Matt at Vios Cafe.  EC and I didn't sway from our normal entree: the best greek salad Ever.

by karma free cooking

2. Of course...mulitple episodes of my current obsession: Friday Night Lights.  If you watch(ed) the'll understand where I'm at in the series based on these pictures.

3. Running on Alki with Violet

by virtual tourist

4. Cat Nap...but of course...

5. Some early birthday present shopping: New Duvet, Sheets, Towels...Sadly, the Macy's we went to didn't have all that we needed, so when I have everything together I'll show some picutres of the new and improved Master Bedroom.  Here is a preview:


6. Suprise 30th birthday party for our friend John.  His wife really pulled it off.  How could we tell?  When they got home from dinner John immediately went to the bathroom and didn't shut the door - classic move.  But then, to his surprise, the whole party heard this action.

7. Easter Brunch at Blu Water Bistro.  Belgian Waffle delicious-ness.


8. Some work...and some Bed, Bath and Beyond for the perfect shower mat to match our new towels.

9. Listening to this fantastic new single by Band of Horses:

10. Finishing up the weekend with dinner at St Clouds for their first Sunday of the month Fried Chicken Meal with our friends Katie, Jared and their adorable Signe.  Who could not love this sweet thing?  And she is really this smiley...all the time.

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend as well!!

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