Monday, April 12, 2010

Little Things. by violet

Isn’t it funny how sometimes life gives you just what you need? Little things to perk you up just when life gets tough.

After a long week at work I was looking forward to a fun but chill weekend. And Saturday Orange and I had a girl’s day out shopping. Not only was it Orange’s birthday but my stepmom who probably felt very sorry for me after my closet meltdown offered to fund part of my trip.

Orange had a gift card to spend for her birthday at Macy’s – she found the DKNY Odetta pumps which were pretty much the perfect shoe for her, not only were they grey and gold but they were studded too.

At Free People I found a dress that I’m sure will be making an appearance at least one of the weddings that I’m going to this year – and who knows, maybe just a night out on the town.
It has the hot spring trend of florals but the colors will translate beyond just May and June. And I absolutely love the tulle peaking out at the bottom, gives it just that hint of whimsy.

After tons of recommendation from Jordana and nearly a year of thinking about it, I finally pulled to trigger and ordered the Diane wrap dress from SPUN. Last week the lovely Sara, owner and designer of this amazing company, offered a twitter follower discount that was enough to put me over the top.

Imagine my excitement when after a tough, tough Monday it arrived at work. I could hardly wait to get it home and play.

It fits like a dream and it’s the most lovely and soft texture. I have visions of me wearing in out to dinner while I’m in New York with sky high pumps and funky jewelry but I’m also thinking that I’ll wear it tomorrow at work with tights and flat boots. I get the distinct impression that this will quickly become my go-to dress.

Thanks to Orange, Kerry and Sara who, whether they knew it or not, provided me with those little (or big) pick-me-ups.


  1. So glad you purchased a Spun piece! I own a few & love them all to death! :)

  2. Yay Kate! The Diane wrap dress looks great on you! You've had your eye on it for awhile!

    I might be in town next week! Hope to see you at WE if I'm there!

  3. How cute are you?!? Thanks for the look amazing in that dress! I will be wearing it all summer long with flip flops. It's also a great bathing suit coverup. So many possibilities... glad you love it! xoxo

  4. Wow, both of those dresses look fantastic on you!! Good work finding such stylish and flattering dresses!!