Thursday, April 22, 2010

At the cool kids table. by violet.

Remember those girls in high school? Those girls who were older than you and seemed to have it all figured out? They had cute clothes, cute boyfriends, pretty hair and straight teeth that didn’t require braces. Then, when, by chance you sat next to these girls in 4th period English Lit it turned out that they were not only wicked smart but actually very nice and very cool to you.

You had complicated feelings towards these girls because you were insanely jealous of them and short green fire out of your eyes at them. Except for the fact that you pretty much wanted to be them. Or at least be friends with them so they could teach you the secrets to getting perfect eyeliner and have access to their fashion advice.

I have much the same feelings about my friends Katy and Erin.

Katy and Erin are entirely too cool to hang out with me. When I was first introduced to them through work, I could not image why they would even bother with me. Then they invited me out to lunch - more than once. Then they attended social functions outside of work with me. Then, I moved in with Katy and her roommates. And part of me I kept waiting for the “Mean Girls” moment when I found the whole thing was just a joke. Not that Katy and Erin would ever do that because they are really, actually, wonderful people.

While I was living with them, Katy and her now husband Danny (equally as cool) got engaged and invited me and J.P. to their incredibly, awesome wedding. Then Katy and Danny moved to London for two years. Because that’s the kind of thing that they do. Just move to London.

Katy was back in the states this week, (seriously, don’t you kind of want to be a person who can say that? “While I was back in the states…”) she, Erin, J.P. and I met up for dinner at Black Bottle.

Black Bottle is just the kind of place to take someone you want to impress. The food is excellent and it is small plates so there is something for everyone. The atmosphere is charming without being totally pretentious, most of the wait staff is dressed like hipsters, though not so much it makes you feel awkward. And on a Tuesday night there were just enough people to make it feel like a hot spot but not so many we didn’t get seated for hours or couldn’t hear each other. Though, side note, if you are going on a Friday or Saturday, this is an entirely different story.

The one dish I insisted upon getting because it’s been stuck in my brain since the first time I tried it was the broccoli blasted. It sounds really strange to rave about the restaurants broccoli but I assure you this is so delicious, you kind of forget it is vegetables. It’s covered in spices and roasted until it’s crispy and almost black.

Other highlights from the meal were the fried chicken which for me has joined the broccoli as a must order. Juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside, no need to dunk in ranch or honey mustard. It whole heartedly reminds you why fried chicken is amazing.

Also delicious were the mussels. I kind of wish we would have ordered them earlier. I could have had a glass of the broth. And the hanger steak, just how I like it – red in the middle.

Not my favorite where the bacon wrapped scallops and the wild boar ribs. The ribs smelled delicious but were a little dry for my tastes. And, I know, everyone likes their BBQ different so this isn’t a judgment call. And as far as the scallops go, they just weren’t my favorite, thought other things were better.

Oh, yes and there was flatbread too.  But that's cheese, bread and meat.  You knew that was delicious right?

After dinner we headed down to Virginia Inn where Erin’s husband Dean was tending the bar. I don’t know what can make you feel cooler than knowing the bar tender. Maybe drinking port? You’ll have to ask Erin about that though.

Thanks to two lovely ladies and one wonderful boyfriend for fun evening.

Violet in Seychelles boots

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  1. Sounds like a lovely evening, glad you ladies had fun. I can totally relate to what you're saying. It's hard not to envy your "perfect" friends but at the same time, they're so nice and amazing they deserve to be so pretty/successful/etc which makes it even easier to envy them.