Monday, April 19, 2010

April Birthdays. by violet

I know a LOT of people with April birthdays, I can think of five friends and two family members with April birthdays without even breaking a sweat. This usually means that in April, just as the weather starts to show signs of spring, a multitude of fun and wonderful things get planned.

Drinks at Cactus with Melissa for birthday margaritas and fry bread, sorry no pictures for that one.

Happy hour for Orange at Palomino

Shelby with the birthday girl

Mushroom flat bread

Dinner at Oddfellows and drinks at the Cha Cha for Ash.

A shot for the birthday boy from the lovely Corrine

My mac and cheese with a side salad from Oddfellows

Sad I missed my Dad’s birthday open house. Word on the street was there were some embarrassing family photos on display so I will not be sharing those.

And this weekend was Kenz’s birthday. And my homegirl Tess came into town to have some girl time. It was so awesome to have Tess around this weekend, it gave us both a chance to just chill and hang out together which was just what the Dr. ordered.  And of course celebrate a birthday.   

With Tess and Shelby

The nearly newlyweds had a few people over to celebrate the occasion. It was a great mix of people that lead to us staying up entirely too late. We thought we were kids or something.

Bryan and Amy (I don't know what Steven is doing)

The official photographer of the evening



And with that we're calling it a night

And one more birthday to go this month, my stepmom Kerry is still this week. Then, I'm done.

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