Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Weekend Cont.

Easter weekend with J.'s family continued on Sunday with mass, brunch at Smith and a unique Easter feast.

We went to Saint Joseph’s for mass where they knew the priest. They always seem to know the priest  but that’s another story. The church was full of families - I have never seen so many kids at mass before. It gave the whole service a lively and spring like energy, even if the weather wasn’t cooperating.

After mass, we debated about where to go for brunch. Liz suggested Smith, she had heard they were now serving brunch. It seemed like a good idea and it turned out to be great one. Though I suspected a crowd, we got seated right away. The menu, though it seemed small offered a unique variety of brunch fair. It made for some tough decisions.
I went with the grilled Gruyere and onion jam sandwich, I swapped the salad that came with it for potatoes.

Dan choose the brisket with creamed polenta and soft-cooked egg

J.’s sunrise hash with pork belly, asparagus and a poached egg

Dee Dee’s goat cheese scramble.

And Liz went with the savory sausage bread pudding. But sorry Liz no picture (blame your dad). The sandwich and potatoes were delicious, qaulity bread is always a good place to start.  By the looks of the other clean plates at the table the feeling was mutal. 

Helping with dinner

For dinner, BIG plans on the menu for Easter dinner, goat. Yes. Goat. Despite my skeptical looks I was assured that it tasted a lot like lamb. But just to be sure we added, ham, asparagus and ravioli.

Carving the goat

We had a few more friends join us and bring a few treats to complete the meal. A lovely salad from Heather, cheese and crackers from Sam and turkey meatballs from Kenz and Eric.

The Easter bunny even stopped by.

And the verdict on the goat? It actually was pretty good. I’m not sure I’ll be making it on a Tuesday night but for an occasion it was kind of fun.

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