Sunday, April 25, 2010

homeward bound. by orange

To celebrate the husband's "welcome back to your social life/tax season is done" we went out of town for the weekend with our good friends Jared, Katie & their adorable Signe (who I've raved about here).  While staying at the amazing Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort we decided to depart on a little hike. We brought our 2 dogs, Jared and Katie brought their 2 dogs and we ran into some friends of Jared and Katie, who had brought their dog.  Trekking up the mountain was literally a scene from Homeward Bound.  As I love me some doggies, I was kind of in heaven.  

the schnood on the move

Allie and Miles

Trekking up

Still going up

Payton checking up on us

still going

Meika not so much, she was ready for a nap

Signe says hi

At the top; dogs waiting patiently for a well deserved treat

View from the top

Signe and her Allie

orange wishing I was in Keen Targhee II

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