Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Closet Meltdown. by violet

The other night I had what can only be described as a closet meltdown. Every girl has had one. It starts with getting dressed for a special occasion, a big night out or sometimes even just going to work in the morning. The first thing you try on doesn’t work, then a second, then a third, then before know it there’s an enormous pile of clothes on the floor, you are nearly in tears and you scream, "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!"

Mine happened while J. and I were getting ready to go to a wedding this weekend in San Francisco. I thought I would get a head start on packing by trying a few outfit options. I had in my head that I wanted to wear, probably my favorite dress in my closet to the wedding. It’s an adorable black and white number from Anthropologie– strapless with a full a-line skirt.

Rocking it at Christmas 2006

Fit like a dream when I bought it three and a half years ago but since a wash and an expanding waistline it’s been tougher and tougher to zip. So I thought I would try it on just to be safe. DISASTER. It wouldn’t zip.

What happened next wasn’t pretty - a downward spiral. My whole wardrobe plan for the weekend was totally derailed. Add on top of that the shame and frustration that comes with not being able to get into a perfectly wonderful dress. Then, a compulsive feeling to go shopping for all new clothes but realizing there isn’t the time, nor funds to support such a trip.

The only solace I could find that evening was “Dancing with the Stars” and some cookies (clearly not helping).

I had a brainstorm the next day. I saw this stunner of a dress from H&M in the new InStyle.

However the lovely sales girl informed me that while she had them in back but that she couldn’t sell it do me because it’s part of a line that won’t be released until Thursday. So there’s a good chance I’ll be hitting up one of the four stores in San Francisco looking for it. Wish me luck!

So beyond the question of what exactly I’m going to wear to this wedding is what to do about one of my favorite dresses not zipping. Do I fight the fight and dedicate the spring and summer to getting back into it and arrive at a September wedding victorious. Or do I say “f that” polish of the box of Girl Scout cookies and go buy a whole new wardrobe?

Also since when did my life become a Cathy cartoon? Akk!

Violet in Frye Campus 14L boots in Saddle Montana

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  1. F it and finish the cookies!

    I saw that dress in Shape magazine! So cute! You'd look hot! :) Have fun at the wedding!