Sunday, March 28, 2010

hair - how i hate you. by orange

I wish I had short hair and, more importantly, could pull it off.  I have what people like to kindly refer to as a "round face."  Thus, short hair is umm...very unattractive on me. This weekend I finally fully admitted it to myself - I hate doing my hair.  Absolutlely hate it.  And here is why:

1. I never like my shampoo or conditioner...I think I've tried every product imaginable, but in the end, my hair always feels heavy, like it's got a bit of build up and the hair at the nape of my neck is *always* a bit greasy.  I've tried just about anything to make it not so...but I think it's just meant to be.  Ick.

2. When blow drying my hair, 8 times out of 10, I get overheated.  Which  Especially if like me, you generally hate being hot, with a passion.

3. Blow drying takes time, too much time in the morning.  I value my sleep and thus am usually running behind in the morning.  So after I put on makeup and get dressed (which I do enjoy), taking care of my hair is just too much.  Even if it is just blow drying the top, I still think it's too much time. 

4. Even when I do spend time blow-drying all of my hair, I like it for about 5 min.  Then something happens - wind, rain, oil, etc - and I am not happy with the hair situation.  So, if I only like it for about 5 min - what is the point?!

So, readers - any ideas to cure my deep hatred of blow drying my hair?  Any tips you have?

Here are the hairstyles I deeply am envious of:

I kind of think that I have a face shape similar to Ginnifer Goodwin...which makes me have a sliver of hope that perhaps I could pull off short hair.  But...alas...that probably isn't so.


  1. I'm seeing a little theme in the pics above. They're all short. I think you could rock something short with piecey layers. You need product for that though, which doesn't always help with the oil thing (which I am oh-so familiar with). Have you tried baby powder/dry shampoo for that, btw? Works for me usually. I really like the G-Goodwin look...just saying. You're gorgeous no matter what though.

  2. As someone who often rocks a short haircut, I have to tell you, it's a myth that short hair is low maintenance (unless you go super-short pixie cut). It requires attention each and every morning. There is simply no putting it up in a pony tail and calling it a day. I will grant you, the blow dry time is shorter and a good short cut will provide you with an easier frame work in which to do your hair but the margin of error is simply smaller when you are dealing with less hair.

    I agree with UA, think you could probably try something a bit shorter. Miss Goodwin had a pretty round face herself.

  3. Fellow short haired (sometimes) girl here as well weighing in. Gotta agree with Violet. Short hair is not easy. Along with the products, there are a lot of tools involved usually a straightener. And you must style it every day. You can never wake up without it looking somewhat wonky. And your chances of ending up with a bad hair day are much higher. Now that I've been a lot of help:), I have some suggestions.
    Ease into short hair. Fight the urge to make a huge change. Ask your stylist about doing a longer version of one of the cuts you like and see what she recommends. Then once you see how that goes gradually take it up shorter as we head into summer.

  4. I agree with Violet and Frugal Femme. I love having short hair because I think it is a better style for my face and body shape. However, I hate having short hair because I have to wash and style it EVERY day. It actually takes me longer to blow dry and style, and I have to use more products than I ever did with longer hair. Its amazing how much time and effort cutting just a few inches can actually add to your daily routine. I feel like I have to do my hair every day because I can't just throw it up in a pony tail, or pull it back with a headband.

    If you are thinking going short because it will save time and products, it won't. But if you're thinking of going short because you want a new style and want to rock one of those cute cuts, GO FOR IT! I think you would look awesome with Ginnifer Goodwin's cut!

  5. So, I won't be going short. One because the husband would hate it, but two (most importantly) it sounds like it takes A LOT of effort which is exactly what I'm not looking for. A previous co-worker of mine had similar hair to me (fine, thin) and got a perm and because her hair didn't hold it, she ended up with loose curls which looked pretty damn good with little effort. So...I'm thinking is a perm the way I should go?

    Btw - saying perm makes me think I'm stuck in the 80s.