Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just Wine It Out. by violet

I’ve probably said this a few times here before but when life gets crazy the best thing for me is to get a good friend, a good glass of wine and good food.

Dinning room at Purple in Bellevue

After a couple hectic days at work after a lovely weekend, I met Kenz and the Purple Wine Bar and Café in Bellevue. Ya’ll know I love me some Purple and the one in Bellevue didn’t disappoint.

We ordered a trio of items from the tasting menu – roasted garlic-white bean crostini with herb pesto, house-made andouille-style sausage with roast cippolini onions and gorgonzola stuffed dates, pine nuts and saba.

The dates were by far my favorite. I forget how much I like them.

That wasn’t quite enough so we order the calamari too which we mowed down so fast I didn’t even snap a picture of until it was practically gone.

I think we liked it.

And then, of course, along the way there was two glasses of Terre di Gioia Pinot Noir.

Before I knew it two plus hours had gone by. It’s nice to know that when life gets crazy I can find a quite hour (or two!) to get away.

Violet in Matisse Holly in purple, microfiber round-toe flat with three ruffles

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