Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Glass Half Full. by violet

My super-busy summer has given way to a more tame fall. All that running around has left me feeling a bit disconnected from my friends. Sure, there were large get-togethers and too many trips to Eugene to count but that doesn’t leave a lot of time for quality one on one catching up. I’ve been trying to get together with friends close to home and schedule some quality time with J.

I had a charming tea and cupcakes date with Melissa over the weekend and a double date with Shelby coming up tomorrow but last night was a glass of wine (or two) at Purple with Lindsay.
Purple is lovely.
It’s a restaurant and wine bar right in the heart of downtown Seattle (with locations in Woodinville, Kirkland and Bellevue as well). This is a place that lets you know how serious it is by the weight of the door – you have to put your back into it to get in the place. Anchoring the dinning room is a floor to ceiling circular stair case that all serves and wine storage.

While the wine is why you go – the list is overwhelming – the food holds its own in the gauntlet thrown down by the wine list. And let’s be honest, any place that serves lobster mac and cheese as good as theirs is going to be tops in my book.

I ordered a glass of the Angeline Pinot Noir. Even though the Northwest is known for its Pinots, Angeline is out of the Martin Ray Winery with grapes from Medoncino and Sonoma County, CA (they still know a thing or two about wine in Cali). There is something incredibly drinkable about Pinot’s, while I love bold Cabs, it felt like a more mellow kind of night. The Angeline didn’t disappoint, my glass was empty too quickly.

Then we order a trio of items off the tasting menu – andouille sausage, red pepper and goat cheese spread and Mt. Townsend’s Seastack cheese.

Lindsay and I spent the time chatting, munching and sipping away, while the rain came down outside. I had trouble thinking of anywhere else I would rather be.

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  1. so happy you posted this. this was a nice reminder to make the calls, send the emails in order to get some quality dates set up with some of my favorite people.