Monday, November 9, 2009

A Cheesy Goodbye. by violet

I am sad. One of my closest coworkers has taken a new job. For the past two years Cathy and I have worked together, sometimes even sharing a cube. She has been that person I turn to when I want to roll my eyes about a crazy request. The person who can talk me off the ledge. The person who will read an e-mail before I send to make sure I put commas in the right place.

While I am confident that our friendship will last outside of work and even a little excited to take it beyond the confines of the office walls, I will miss seeing her almost every day.

To ease both of our pain, we have decided to schedule monthly happy hours/dinners. Since Cathy loves queso almost as much as me, we met for our first at the Mecca of queso in Bellevue, Z Tejas.

I have mentioned before, the queso at Z Tejas is my favorite in town. And it didn’t disappoint this time around. It was warm, cheesy and generally wonderful.

This time, I skipped the frosty margarita because I’m still recovering from a cold.
While chatting about Cathy’s new job we polished off the queso and an order of tostada bites (which I didn’t manage to snap a photo of) as well as a few slices of the ‘Jas’s cornbread which is also excellent.

The good food and even better company got me thinking that even though Cathy won’t be in the cube across from me, if we can still share war stories, compare notes and occasionally get together for some awesome cheese like substances and that’s just fine with me.

Miss you already Cathy!

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