Tuesday, November 3, 2009

vedera, i like you. by orange

Last night the husband took me to see Mat Kearney at the Moore Theater.  I died and went to heaven, it was s-o good.  I'll post more on my love for Mat later.  For now I'd like to focus in on the opening band: Vedera

Usually when at concerts, I'm so excited about the headliner that I loose focus during the opening band and am thinking "get on with it."  Well, this time was a bit different.  The lead singer of Vedera has a beautiful voice and is so freaking cute.  With her striped tee, vintage looking boots, short pixie hair and cute giggle I practically had a girl crush.  She was rocking away on the guitar, then pounding on the piano - mixing some soulful slower songs with the classic girl pop.

I'm excited to purchase her CD "Stages."


  1. I saw Matt a few years ago in Seattle and died as well. He is so amazing, and the best part was, my cuz took me backstage to meet him. Ahhhhhh, I can go dream now! (no offense to my forever life partner, I love him more!)

  2. Where did you see Mat at in Seattle? A smaller venue perhaps? I'm so envious/jealous of you getting to meet him backstage!!! Lucky you! Another artist that I think is similar to Mat and on the up and up is Greg Laswell. You might like his music if you haven't already tuned into him.

    Thanks for the comment! Keep them coming - we love hearing from you!