Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Zig Zag. by violet

Last week, J. and I got to accompany Shelby and Nick on a very important errand. The fact that said errand needed to be completed in one of my favorite bars in Seattle only sweetened the deal.

Shelby and Nick recently went to Boston which you can read all about their gastronomical and other adventures on Shelby’s awesome blog. But during their time there they started chatting with a bartender named Misty at a bar called Drink. When she found out they were from Seattle, Misty sent them on a mission. To give Murray at Zig Zag a $20 bill that she had signed.

Murray is kind of a Seattle legend. He’s been tending bar in this town for years, he makes every list and is pretty much the guy you go see if you want a good drink. Murray and Zig Zag aren’t known for their list of crazy martinis. The drinks are old school. From a time when people didn’t water down their beverages with such crazy things as Diet Dr. Pepper. No judgement, there was a time in my life where I pretty much exclusively drank vanilla vodka and Diet Dr. Pepper.

Zig Zag is tucked away in the odd offshoot of the Pike Place Market. No matter where you park you have to climb up or climb down three flights of stairs to get there. And if you didn’t know it was there you could easily walk right by. When you do find the door, you walk into a small but not tiny place awash in warm light. The only windows face to front and then the place tucks back into the building so it gives off the distinct vibe of being separate from reality. Taking you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Since J. loves a good Manhattan, we’ve gone a few times for date night. Even meeting Shelby and Nick for happy hour there before. It’s great for special occasions, the atmosphere lends itself well to an occasion. It’s also great for people who love old school and interesting cocktails. And it truly is cocktails. Some of the drinks will put hair on your chest.

I love to booze but I’m kind of a wuss when it comes to serious drinks. So I was on the lookout for something that was tasty without making me cough every time I took a swig. I settled on the Old Cuban and it totally delivered. Made with rum, muddled mint, lime juice and champagne it was like a warm summer breeze even though autumn had already rolled in. The mint was kept light and the lime juice cut the rum. The result was a tall glass of fizzy wonderfulness. I’m thinking about making these on my own.

But back to the mission at hand. Nick asked our server to send Murray. A request that was met with a odd look and probably a quick run through in her head about what she may have done wrong. But Murray came over and Nick started to explain what our mission was. Murray started to laugh as soon as Nick got the word Boston out.

Turns out that he and Misty send each other customers and $20 bills whenever they get a chance. Murray, took the young Beantown bartender under his wing and did all he could to encourage her business. He defiantly seemed pleased and showed off the $20 when he got back behind the bar.

Seemed like such a small thing really. But I love the idea of two bartenders on different sides of the country keeping an eye out for one another. In a world that can sometimes seem to too big to get your arms around. And where is seems most communicating is done online, I can’t helped but be utterly charmed by the thought of people making connections in this way.


  1. that is rad! totally makes the world seem small.

  2. Love it, and well said. Especially the end. Such a good point. Thanks for going with!