Tuesday, November 3, 2009

kim can cook #2 - YUMM. by orange

I'm proud of myself for a few reasons:

1) prepared a meal without calling any of my friends for "how to" questions
2) first time cutting an avocado went very well!
3) remembered the recipe without haveing to look anything up online (ok it's pretty simple, but still!)
4) made a fantastic meal in about 15 min!

Welcome to Yumm Sauce:

The "Yumm bowl" consists of the following:
- rice
- avocado
- beans
- tomatos
- cheese
- sour cream
- cilantro (oops! forgot this in mine tonight!)
- olives
- and of course, Yumm Sauce

Granted you can really add what you want.  The husband and I opted in some corn instead of olives. 

- make rice
- while rice is cooking cut up the avocado & tomato
- heat up beans and corn
- grate cheese
- once rice is cooked, add Yumm Sauce
- then layer away!

Very Simple and Yummy!!

To find locations of where you can purchase the Yumm Sauce, see here

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