Sunday, November 1, 2009

a few tricks. by orange

This past weekend a few friends and the husband and I packed up our car and headed down to our good friends' house in Eugene, OR, aka home of The Oregon Ducks

Going to Stacy and Ray's house is like a trip back home, visiting mom and dad.  They are around our same age, just have always had that "big brother/big sister", more "mature" persona to them.  Going to their house is the perfect escape from the day to day blur of work, stress, etc.  There were 3 main reasons for our trip to The Eug:

1. Halloween Party
2. University of Oregon vs. University of Southern California football game
3. Haunted Corn Maze

As violet's J. photo-documented the weekend festivities I'll leave #1 and #3 to future violet posts.  I'm digging into #2 reason.

Now I've never been really into football.  Of course I made all the normal football appearances during college however, by half-time I was the one ready to head home for a post-pre-funking game nap.  With marrying the husband, who Loves football, and all the college football Saturday/Sunday get togethers it was time I figured out what was going on during the game.

Here are the few things I've picked up over the past few seasons to help me through the game:

1. The computer imposed First Down line is Extremely helpful when watching a game on TV.  Basically, the offensive football team has 4 tries to make a First Down.  Once they make a First Down, they get to start the four tries over.  If they don't make the First Down within four tries then the other team gets the football.

2. In order for the football team to get the First Down, they have to move the football 10 yards down the field towards their end zone.

3. Main Penalities: False Start, Holding, Pass Interference and Face Mask (see below for the referee signals and a few more)

4. Main Scoring Opportunities:

Touchdown = 6 points
Field Goal = 3 points
P.A.T. (Point After Touchdown) = 1 point
Going for Two (where the offensive team runs it in after a touchdown) = 2 points

Any other tips you know of in order to get into the game?

And, by the way, this game (UO vs. USC) was EPIC. Pete Carroll (USC head coach) has never been beat by an opposing team by more than 11 points before this game.  We just happen to beat them by 27 points - it was amazing.  And I was really glad I could keep up with all the scoring during the game :).

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