Thursday, November 19, 2009

one of those days. by orange

you know the days that just stuff keeps on happening?  not good stuff...but annoying stuff.  well that unfortunately was my thursday.  here's a bit how it went:

woke up semi on time
did shower, hair, makeup in pretty good timing
then comes...

the outfit distaster train

i'm trying to get this new studded blazer to work...
try on a shirt, realize need more of a patterned shirt, then no, need a solid, do i do bright?  black?
try on jeans - not having a good jeans day
decide must do dress
head to dress section of closet, decide i want to wear my gold leggings
look through closet to figure out a dress that will go with shiny gold leggings
try on this one, then that one, this this one
Finally decide on black dress, grey leggings, black/gold boots...30 minutes later, i am dressed.

now officially Late.  late, late, late.
have an appointment at work that i will now be late to
call every co-worker i can think of to get them to sub in for appointment
no one seems to be at work - argh!
call front desk, figure out a run around

now officially Really Late

drive to work, realize still have not found ID badge to get into work
go to reception, sign in for guest badge
head down to desk.

work, work, work.

find out one of my candidates for a Super Difficult position is declining the position we offered her (i'm a recruiter at Starbucks)
thinking, f*ck.  hiring manager is going to hate me

decide to take a break from all this madness and make myself a nice cup of "creme brulee latte"
go to first kitchen, completely packed
head to kitchen downstairs
make drink, realize i should use the "creme brulee" syrup rather than the pure caramel i used yesterday - genius.
steam milk, pour espresso shots, stir and yum.
head back up stairs to desk

then...the stair mishap

right as i'm headed up the stairs i see gathering of people at top of stairs
left foot trips on the next stair
arms flying, coffee flying and boom. 
coffee is e v e r y w h e r e.  all over the stairs, on my dress, on my boots, on the railing, on the glass next to stairs.
go back to kitchen, grab as many paper towels as humanly possible, head back to stairs
clean up, but realize, nope, one trip of paper towels will not clean this entire spill
go back and forth to kitchen a few times, clean up milk, espresso, caramel brulee mess
make a new drink
walk up stairs ...slowly... back to my desk

and more work

getting towards the end of the day, so excited to drink lots o' wine with good friend over a yummy meal.
walk to car in crazy sputtering, windy rain
umbrella almost turns inside out 3 times on way to car
get to car
get in car
deep sigh of relief - the day is over
drive forward


flat tire.
husband is at first Seattle U home basketball game of the season, he will not be helping me with this flat.
go through the trunk to gather flat tire necessities
call insurance road side assistance
hear that i'll be waiting 45 minutes for this assistance to come
call friend, won't be making dinner. 
assistance comes, fixes tire

finally headed home.

oh vey.  and it's only thursday.  thank GOD tomorrow is friday.

on a day like this, there are some things that do comfort me upon my arrival home:

- yummy, full of carbs, pasta leftovers with mizithra cheese
- E! Hollywood News
- diving into PopSugar to see all the picutres of the Twilight premieres
- glass of wine
- comfy sweats
- grey's anatomy & the office

when you have a day that won't stop giving in a bad way, what cheers you up?

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  1. Oh my goodness, that sounds like an AWFUL day. And the thing with the coffee spill is one of my biggest fears about working here - I'm always expecting to trip and spill coffee on myself (or worse, on someone else). I'm sorry you had a bad day - today is bound to be better.