Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sephora My Heart. by orange

As I was on my hunt for Lola and mascara this past weekend I stopped in Sephora. Now I don't shop too often at Sephora but left there thinking - man I need to pay more attention to Sephora.  Two of the finds that stuck out to me were the following:

#1: Purfume Sample Sets:

As mentioned in a previous post, purfume shopping can be a bit drawn out and for me, can get annoying with all the back and forth needed.  Especially as I like instant gratification; doesn't quite work with having to "try out" different scents before buying.

Well Sephora is selling a couple different purfume sample sets.  They both offer a wide variety of perfumes available in them and the best part is, they come with a gift voucher that can be redeemed at any Sephora for a FREE full-sized bottle of any one of the samples included.  Granted you paid for the sample set, but that price ($50-$75) is about the price of a full size bottle.  Thus, you are basically just paying upfront for something you'll have later.  The beauty of the sample set is that you have all the samples at home.  You can test at your leisure, try them each out a few times with no back and forth between the department stores and home. 

Next time I'm in the market for a new fragrance I will definitely be hitting up Sephora for some sample sets.

#2: Run With It!

The other thing that caught my eye is the OPI collection for Sephora.  I have been in the market for the perfect grey nail polish for the past 3 months or so.  However, most of the "grey" colored nail polish I find is more metallic, more silver or glittery than the solid grey I'm looking for.  Well Sephora's OPI 'Run With It!' ended up being the one.  It's described as a shimmering dove grey; exactly what I was looking for.

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