Friday, October 2, 2009

Nerf War! by violet

This past Labor Day a group of my friends went on a road trip to see our friends who live in Eugene, Oregon. It’s a lovely city where I spent a wonderful four years of my life. Plus our friends who live there just could not be nicer, more welcoming people (thank goodness because we tend to invade their house every few months to live like we are in college again).

Faced with a three day weekend in Eugene with no football game to fill the time, J had the genius idea to start a Nerf war. We loaded up on “guns and ammo” at Wal-Mart first.

It was $10 well spent on my Maverick Nerf gun. Which, I must tell you, I bought solely so I could say maverick all weekend in my best Sarah Palin voice but it turned out to be a worthy partner in battle.

It doesn’t look that scary in yellow but some people have tricked theirs out. If I saw that coming at in a dark ally, I would freak!

We then proceeded to play Nerf gun capture the flag. I hadn’t played capture the flag in I don’t even know how long. Then, we got serious and started using the ATVs.

We had so much fun that we went back to Target later that day to buy both more guns and ammo. We were going to go out and hit up our favorite campus bar but we ended up running around the house like 8 year olds shooting each other with darts. You can tell how much fun were were having from the silly grins we all have on our faces.

If you have a weekend with no real plans get some friends together, go to Target pick up a Nerf gun and let the fun begin.

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  1. loved it!! :))

    Hey guys what do you think of the Official UK only Nerf stores??