Tuesday, October 27, 2009

sick. ick. by orange

you know when sometimes you long for a sick day? i don't know if you have done this, but when things are crazy at work, a day in bed with a minor sickness sounds great. you think, i can just watch movies all day, get rested, maybe watch a "Hills" episode or two...you almost forget that being really sick does in fact suck.

well my thoughts of a"nice stay in bed" day have made the carma gods decide to really stick it to me. i'm sick with what feels like cold, possibly flu symptoms. and, in all reality i'd rather be at work being productive.

here are my life savers (in order of importance):

oh and i shouldn't forget the husband, as he is the one to get me the goods. i learned yesterday, when i'm sick and try to get the meds, i end up buying nyquil instead of dayquil in the morning and almost end up falling asleep at my desk (before i went home sick). yikes.

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