Thursday, October 1, 2009

cooking basics. by orange

with the new violet on board we have devised a plan for getting me to cook. as mentioned in previous posts my cooking skills consist of lean cuisines, grilled cheese sandwiches and "skillet sensations." the husband is a-okay with this situation, however, would of course not mind at all if i started to whip up some things in the kitchen. my parents on the other hand, might be a bit disappointed in me that i do not cook. evidenced by the cooking classes they offered me when the husband and i moved in together :).

well, as violet is an excellent cook and has patience for the novice cookers out there, we are starting a new series called "Kim Can Cook."

i've learned through a couple tries at cooking - it's not just about having the proper tools, recipes and ingredients. there is also tribal knowledge. for example:

- how do you cut an onion?
- how do you know if you are buying good asparagus?
- how do you tell if a recipe calls for a red onion or yellow onion?
- how do you cut an avocado?

luckily, violet withstands my texts as i'm headed to the grocery store or about to start cooking. otherwise i think i'd already be throwing my hands up in the air and calling it quits.

look out soon for the first post of "Kim Can Cook."

do you know any basic/tribal cooking knowledge that might be helpful for me to know during my cooking escapades?

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