Tuesday, October 20, 2009

new tools. by orange

way back in march i wrote about my war on wrinkles with this iron. basically - i won the war :). well now i'm taking my fight into bigger battles - aka the floors of the house the husband and i live in.

now let me tell you, our floors are not simple. we've got different textures - wood flooring, carpeting, area rugs and tile. oh and we have 2 dogs. and yeah, one of them sheds a whole coat of fur in a day (or at least it seems this way).

for a good 5 years i used "the green machine" - my handy $50 fun looking, light weight vacuum. at the time when i purchased it i felt oh so grown up. 1 townhouse and 1 house later the husband and i were talking about an upgrade.

in comes...the Bissell! and...the Shark!

so far, 3 vacuums and 2 steam mops in, i'm loving both the Bissell Lift Off Multi-Cyclonic and the Shark Euro-Pro Steam Pocket Mop.

i do have to say though, now that my vacuum is picking up so much more stuff - i now see all the stuff my old vac wasn't picking up. ick. i guess better late than never right?

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