Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Carving. by violet

Last weekend J. and I hosted our second annual BYOP (bring you own pumpkin) bash. The idea is to get our friends together chow down on some yummy fall goodness and carve some pumpkins.
We learned a few lessons last year, the first of which is that newspaper is a sufficient floor covering when it’s just you on the kitchen tile but not when it’s 10 of your closest friends gutting pumpkins. So we purchased some plastic drop cloths from Home Depot and a festive plastic table cloth from Target to protect our garage floor and picnic table.
The second was that people appreciate stencils. Not that we aren’t a creative bunch but pumpkin carving seems to have moved out of the territory of free hand drawing and into a stenciled affair.

We had a great turn out – friends from Portland and Eugene were visiting for the Oregon v UW game the next day so the whole thing had the air of a reunion.
There were plenty of delicious treats, I made cheddar jalapeno scones which turned out well but had me wishing for more heat. Our friend Nick brought steak skewers that were excellent. There was pumpkin bread from Melissa, queso (of course) from Cathy and homemade cookies from Michelle. And plenty of the little pumpkin candy corns. Some lessons learned this year – pumpkins are very easy to both throw and catch but don’t push your luck. Carving the Oregon O is nearly impossible. We had a failed attempt last year and another one this year.
A $5 T-shirt from Target is just a good a place to get pumpkin design inspiration as any.

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