Monday, October 12, 2009

Chowin' Down. by violet

Over the weekend I headed over to the Mobile Chow Down. The idea was to park some of Seattle’s most popular street food vendors all in one place. We got there right when it opened – hoping to beat the crowds. It really was just trailers parked in an empty lot. Which was kind of odd but things looked like they were humming along. It was hard to pick where to start.

J. and the boys survey the scene

J. jumped right in and started with Gert’s BBQ. He got a hot link and some green bean casserole. Food wasn't warm, so maybe the grills weren't ready to go for the day – the food didn’t exactly live up to expectations.

Then, I decided to jump in the game. I had heard a lot about Marination Mobile and wanted to try it. However, by the time I went to get in line, it went across the parking lot. So I went for a pulled pork sandwich with veggie chips and ginger lemonade from Maximus Minimus.

The sandwich was great (note to self, next time add the Beecher’s cheese)but really the veggie chips and the lemonade were the stars of the show. The veggies chips were actual veggies – I could have eaten a whole bag should they have come that way. The lemonade had just a kick of ginger and refreshed even though it was overcast and cold. I carried the cup around and filled it up again with water, just to get all the flavor out of it.

J. and the rest of the boys went back for Thai food from Kaosamai’s Thai Food Truck which was a popular option at our table for the value and short line.

Combo platter

I only had bites but it was delicious. A special thanks to our random table mate who gave me her extra eggroll, a lovely little moment.

J’s sister Liz and Kristen hit up Skillet for burgers and poutine (fries with gravy). The burger was certainly enough for the two.

And fries with gravy taste pretty much how you think they would….awesome. Overall, it was a fun way to start the day, although I was expecting a heart attack at any moment.

I nearly dognapped this guy. So cute!

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