Tuesday, September 29, 2009

West Seattle Food Love. by Violet

A trip to the market
True confession: I talk about how awesome farmer’s markets are. I praise local, fresh and organic foods all the time. But until recently, I had never, technically, purchased anything at one. I know. I’m a horrible human.

A few weeks ago my friend Melissa and I headed to the west Seattle farmers market. Melissa was a great support system since she is a veteran of the farmer’s markets. It helped that it was a lovely sunshiny morning.

My first ever market purchase was an amazing nectarine that I tried a sample of. Then once I started I couldn’t stop. I got bread, tomatoes for my favorite panzanella.

And the stunning Dahlias that are this lovely fall color.

Bringing Home the Bacon
Then, all of west Seattle is a twitter about The Swinery. So we tried out their bacon this weekend. It looked really fatty and not very meaty before cooking. But I was shocked when it was finished. Hands down best bacon I’ve ever had. Headed back this weekend to pick up some lunch meat.

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