Tuesday, September 15, 2009

change is upon us. by orange

you may have noticed...orange violet has been a bit quiet recently. sorry if you've been checking back and all you see is the same "schnood" post.

a few changes have occurred. here are some of the recent happenings:
  • orange and violet no longer work together at Starbucks...violet spread her wings and took on a new position at another Seattle company. i miss her dearly.
  • violet canceled her internet at home...I know...shocking - I can't imagine life with no internet at home. but, good for her!
  • violet is in love - in "honeymoon stage" love (yes...still in honeymoon).
thus...with all this change violet is taking a hiatus from our lovely blog. but the good news is - a new violet is here! if you remember way back when, we had a guest blogger..."living in sin." Well she is our new violet!

so stay tuned - in the next week or so the new orange violet should be up and running! see you soon!

xo orange.

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