Sunday, March 21, 2010

weekend getaway. by orange

This past weekend, a couple of us packed up our cars and headed southwest of Seattle for some relaxation time. I was looking forward to it all week and especially felt it was needed after coming home to this fun treat Friday after work:

Our "mellow" dog Meika somehow figured out how to get into our kitchen cabinet (with I'm sure some tag-team help from our other dog, Payton), dump out the trash and then, quite impressively tangle her hind legs into the cords/tubes that connect the faucet to the water/drain.  Oh vey!  I digress.

One of our friend's families owns a beautiful beach house on Harstine Island, WA  Here is a little of what the scenery looks like:

(thanks to Washington Real Estate Resouce for the picture)

Our friend's parents have an itch for antiques so the house was full of beautiful shabby chic and aged furniture that makes you just want to wind down, put your feet up and relax.  So we did...just that.

My favorite moment of the weekend was finally getting some time to read.  There is a gorgeous deck off the back of the house with an amazing view of the Puget Sound.  On the deck there are a variety of lawn chairs all warmed up by the morning sun.  It was heavenly.

And now it's back to work; back to reality...and back to training 101 with our dogs so we don't have this mishap again.

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend!


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