Sunday, March 7, 2010

ooh la-la oscars. by orange

How I love the Oscars each year.  Friends gather, good food is served and there is plenty of dazzle and glitz on the TV.  While taking in the Oscars this year, the fashion themes seemed to be:

- off the shoulder
- metallics
- sweetheart necklines
- red

Here are some of my favorites showing off the styles:


one shoulder

sweetheart neckline


And my favorite dress of the night by far:

Violet's favorite dress of the night:

My favorite "taking a risk" dress:

My least favorite of the night:

And this lady just annoyed me during the pre-show.  What was with her non-moving right arm and strange posture.

all pictures from abc


  1. I LOVED Zoe and Elizabeth Bank's selections as well, absolutely gorgeous. I also agree that Charlize was the worst of the night.

  2. Love it! Rachel's won my heart. And I'm kinda mortified to say it, but I kind of like Miley Cyrus' dress too....

  3. not to worry...i liked Miley's dress too :) however, her mom on the other hand with her wing tattoo and dress was ick!

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