Tuesday, March 2, 2010

fist pump! by orange

We are a family that loves theme parties - so when the husband's birthday came around this year it made perfect sense to throw a themed fete.  In the past we've held jorts parties (jean shorts), double denim (canadian tuxedo) parties and christmas vacation holiday parties.  This time - Jersey Shore! 

It was a hoot.  Check it out...

The Evite...

Hey, Juice-Heads, Guidos and Guidettes! Here's the situation: Dan is turning 29! There's really only one way to celebrate this and that's with a Jersey Shore Themed Party. So, get your abs ready and your tan on. Be ready to party, get out there, get filthy, creepy and weird. It's certain to be gorilla central.

Here's what you need to know:

1. A guidette is somebody who knows how to club it up, takes really good care of themselves, has pretty hair, cakes on makeup, has tanned skin, wears the hottest heals, pretty much they know how to own it and rock it.

2. Ladies, you're number one mission is to go out and find the hottest guido and take him home.

3. Guys with the blow-outs and the fake tans, and guys that wear lip-gloss and makeup, those aren't guidos, those are retards.

4. Gym, Tan, Laundry.

5. If you want to look somewhat like The Situation, which is gonna be pretty hard, you need to get that protein in your diet.

And of course - pictures!  Courtesy of violet's Joey-D.

the guidettes, fist pump!

ray the guido

J-Snook (extensions and all) & violet (Pookie)

elvis showed up.

some ping pong

some girl on girl fights.

the birthday boy...D-Train

Pookie & Joey-D

some jumping.

J-Snook & Ray

pigs in a blanket - yum.

and the night is over.

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