Tuesday, March 16, 2010

schmoopy. by orange

So your first thought might be...what is this word in the title of this post?  Thanks to Violet, we have a new word to add to our vocabulary. 

Schmoopy (shaw-mu-pee)
adj: sweet, sentimental, overly loving and corny
noun: a object of one's affection
see aslo: lovey dovey

This post is dedicated to one schmoopy, sweet incident that occurred yesterday between the Husband and I.

Yesterday I received an email from the Husband that went like this:

Subject Line: Yippee!
Message: I got a hold of something today for you that’s taken the entirety of our relationship to obtain. Guesses? I’m either going to give it to you on our anniversary, your birthday or tonight.

You can imagine my immediate response was...What is it?!?!

So I asked for some hints...what is it made of?  did you obtain this on your own or with the help of friends/family?

I only got one answer from from the above: it's made of paper and metal.

I also started to think back to the beginning moments of our relationship and things that I may have mentioned way back when that he might be trying to do something with now.

As we've been together for almost 4 years and my memory sucks - I was having no luck.

So, luckily, he gave it to me last night and it was...a Paccar Truck 2010 Calendar.

Now you are probably thinking "WTF?" "I don't get it."  Well it goes back to when the husband and I first met. 

I'm a recruiter and when we met he was a candidate of mine.  At that time I worked at a recruiting agency so I was trying to get him to interview for this one position with Paccar.  (fyi - Paccar is a very conservative, old school company in the NorthWest that manufactures and sells trucks).  Well the husband obliged and he went on the interview.  The company Loved him, the husband...didn't love them.  But he joked with me about how it was so strange to be in a company where there were truck posters Everywhere and diecast models of trucks Everywhere.  We started talking/emailing about how we each really wanted to get our hands on some of these truck posters (sarcastically of course).  I told him that for every 3 referral candidates he sent my way I would, in turn, get him one of these truck posters.  This of course, never happened but we did scheme about how I would get into the Paccar headquarters and get my hands on one of these puppies.

Well turns out at his current company he works with someone who has Paccar as their client.  Thus, he was able to get his hands on the calendar and now I have 12 wonderful truck pictures to admire throughout the day.  They look something like this:

Thanks husband for remembering the little things. 

orange in Gold Lawri Wedges

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