Wednesday, April 29, 2009

music to my ears. by violet

sunroof open, sunglasses on, iced americano in hand, windows down. this scenario DEMANDS music worthy of a summer day in Seattle. here are a few of my must-have albums for the sunshine and all the glory that comes along with it:
legend, bob marely. one of my all-time I LOVE THIS SONGS lives here ("Waiting in Vain") and i don't think any other artist can create summer through music quite like this man can.

lady antebellum. country pop, i know i know i know. but this whole album is packed with such fun songs, songs that you can learn after just 2 listens. and who doesn't love to sing at the top of your lungs? not to mention "Lookin' for a Good Time" might just be the single lady anthem of the summer.
vampire weekend. these boys fresh out of Columbia University make geeky sound good. real good. their songs are quirky, brilliant, with a little calypso here and a little reggae there, a splash of "Afro/preppy/new-wave combination" (thank you Pitchfork) and you have one hell of a summer soundtrack.
lady gaga. so, the girl is BIZARRE. i admit it. really? blonde bow tie? but. i caved, bought her cd and holy hell. i love it. she is gwen-meets-fergie-meets-kylie-meets-pop heaven. go ahead, take a listen.
david bowie's greatest hits. i didn't realize how freaking amazing all of his songs are. this is road trip material, beach-worthy, iPod shuffle, you name it. just add "China Girl" and feel the sunshine on your face.

tell us- what belongs on your summer soundtrack?


  1. Nice post! I can't wait for summer and blare all things reggae (afternoon) and jazz (evening). All I need is a glass of wine and the stars! I am also digging Lily Allen and Lady Gaga. I agree LG is a bit off, but I like that.

  2. the eels... hombre lobo
    fantastic new album by a strange old man