Friday, April 10, 2009

dreams of an insomniac. by violet

i was daydreaming at work today. no, not of the beaches of monte carlo, happy hour or even edward cullen. shockingly enough, it's been more along the lines of a clean sunlight-filled apartment, glade candles, a warm down comforter, fresh and bright tulips on the dining room table, a new rug for the living room ... essentially, creating a sense of HOME and cozying right up into it. nothing wrong with a little mental redecoration, right?

don't get me wrong, i love our place right now- it's super cute and organized and luxurious... and also ridiculously expensive. so, we're moving. no one likes moving, let's be honest. so instead of writing to-do lists in my head, i've been spending a lot of time envisioning how to revitalize and sass up our new place for the spring. here's what i'm thinking:
obviously, this is not going to happen. my bank account is shuddering even at the sight of these pictures, but i can't help it! i love the bright pops of color, the ecclectic mix of texture, rich fabrics and vintage flair. since i cannot afford to hire the genius behind these designs, i did some investigating and found potential must-have pieces for the new place.

until that elusive promotion comes along, i am left with dreams of hand-carved armoires and exotic curtains... and Target. who's with me?

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