Wednesday, April 29, 2009

nyc fashion! by orange

So with NYC right around the corner I've been wondering - what in the world am I going to pack?! There are a couple factors to consider:

1) the days will probably be slightly warm, 60-70 degrees, however then it cools down at night - layering?
2) as I've n
ever been to NYC before we'll be running around al ot - comfy shoes a must, however must still be stylish
3) i have heard that NYC can be a bit more dressy than Seattle, what a surprise...(kidding). - bring dresses to go out at night?
4) NYC is the fashion capital of the US - i've gotta get my inner fashionista out.
5) with running around so much - need to bring a purse that is convenient to carry/haul over my shoulder
6) I'm there for 7 days, 6 nights, a decent chunk of time - need to pack efficiently!

So here are some of my thoughts...

perfect blazer for layering up - it's wool, from jcrew and is a very bright yellow spring color.

necklaces are always a fun and easy way to spruce up an outfit - maybe I'll bring some of my more funky jewelry to add some juice to a casual all day walking outfit.

from the Erickson Beamon collection for Target

also from my favorite - Target - the Maybelle ballet skimmer. extremely comfy (which I was suprised by) but still cute.

i love me some splendid tops. they are always so soft and keep their shape! i have a few, kind of similar to this striped top, except long sleeve. i think they will be another good shirt to bring for layering. and mine are in bright colors - pink, orange and purple. yes, once i find a basic shirt i love - i buy a few.

who knows? i may have a run in with sexy back justin as he is spending a lot of time in NYC these days...i don't want to be caught without my william rast jeans! i have a pair that i shortened (as i'm not a 5'10 model) so they'll be perfect with flats.

i don't own this exact bag, but one very similar by hobo international. a yellow - spring (or fall) bag that has a long strap so it can fit right over your shoulder for optimum "both hands free for shopping" :)

nyc - here i come!

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