Thursday, June 18, 2009

bar i like: Quinn's Pub. by violet.

so, it's true. i just might have the biggest crush in the history of all my crushes (which is quite extensive). because it is so new, i don't want to jinx it by spilling all the details... but i will say that last night was the best date yet! it could have been the bottle of Chateau Ste Michelle chardonnay he bought (which we all know is my weakness) or the bouquet of daisies he had on the bookshelf or shoot, just being near him… but this pub also made for a wonderful night.

Quinn’s Pub is on E Pike in Capitol Hill, a neighborhood i don’t explore often enough. but after last night’s experience, i know i will be going back for sure! as soon as we walked in, we were completely enchanted by the dim lighting and the sound of the Fleet Foxes playing. it just got better as we found a little pocket at the end of the bar and ordered a couple of IPAs and some small dishes. the menu is a unique, exotic take on gastropub-style. we enjoyed the mussels and chorizo, the asparagus salad and the fried oyster sliders and spent the majority of the meal planning what we would order next time. the bartenders are wonderful, the atmosphere is ideal and hands down, it is THE perfect date spot.

so, be sure to visit and order a plate of the mussels! you will not be disappointed.


  1. Ah, Violet ... this reminds me of the good ol' days and our late-night slumber-party conversations over chocolate cup cakes about boys in Lynden. So glad you haven't changed one bit!! :)

  2. so who's the guy? did you buy him at Sears?