Wednesday, June 10, 2009

embrace the white. by orange

every may/june i have to be reminded of my skin. my pale, white, see-thru skin that does not tan. i affectionately refer to my tone as "albino." the clouds start disappearing, the sun peeks out, and the temperature rises. what does all this make me want to do?! strip down! strip down to shorts and tees and tanks that is. well one problem. the white ass legs.

in college i referred to them as my white lights. i would lead the pack of girls from our dorm to the gym at night and say "don't worry - just follow the white lights!" awesome.

now i know you may be thinking - go to a tanning bed! do a spray tan! try a new tanning lotion! let's be clear here - i've tried and tried. and most don't go over that well.
  • tanning bed - ouch! i burn in a heartbeat.
  • spray tan - did it, felt like i was in a police lineup and looked like i was molting upon spray tan departing my skin.
  • tanning lotion - don't love the smell and am always anxious about the knees and elbows!
well, this summer is going to be different. i am embracing the white-ness. out of the millions of celebrities, there are actually a few (okay three that I can count) who also embrace their hot paleness. check it out.

now maybe they still look good with the paleness as they all have long, skinny legs as well (tough life!)...but alas i'm feeling empowered by these pale lassies.

what do you think of the pale leg phenomena? (yes, i called it a phenomena: i'm bringing on the pale!)


  1. I am also pale & I embraced it long ago...

    One celeb that I think is totally gorgeous & intentionally pale: Anne Hathaway. :)

  2. woo hoo - Anne Hathaway as well, count it: #4

  3. As the equally pale husband, I am glad to hear that she has decided to embrace her paleness. When she elects to attempt the tanning salon or spray tan where does that leave me? As the lone pale person on the beach. Wifey, I married you to be pale with me. That said, as long as the Twilight rage continues, looks like our skin tone is in!