Tuesday, June 16, 2009

young love vs. seasoned love. by orange and violet

Falling in love and being in love are two seperate things, but each fabulous in their own way. Well, good news - violet is involved in what I like to refer to as "young love" while orange and the husband are in "seasoned love" - in that, well we are married and have been together for 3+ years, thus are in love and will be in love for a very, very long time.

So here are some of our favorite aspects about young and seasoned love. What do you think?


1. No longer counting time in episodes of Sex and the City, but by when you get to see him again.

2. Daydreaming. Make-out flashbacks, the goodnight phone conversation from the night before, the way he smells, picturing tomorrow and this summer and next year and the holidays…

3. The damn battle inside your own head- to daydream or not, just in case it all goes away tomorrow? The fight is exhausting, but that buzz is addicting.

4. The moments when you realize that you’ve been smiling at the computer for 45 minutes after his latest cute email.

5. Watching the development of us. Little inside jokes, favorite songs, making plans together, meeting the family, learning his favorite microbrew… on and on.


1. Cuddle buddy for life and you have your best friend in the whole wide world to wake up to each morning.

2. Telepathy: you can pretty well guess what the other wants to say or is thinking in certain situations. Having words, looks, touches that have special meaning due to knowing each other inside and out.

3. Knowing that even though you get into a fight or disagreement, you will work it out together once the steam blows off

4. Bed Bath & Beyond, Pier 1, Pottery Barn (i wish!), Crate & Barrell, Home Depot: making a home together - sofa, dogs, fences, etc. (well the dogs came from the rescue...)

5. When you see an old couple holding hands you think - this will be us vs. i want that!


  1. This is really cute ladies! It made me smile for both of you!