Monday, June 8, 2009

day drinking. by orange AND violet.

orange violet ransacked Safeco field on Saturday afternoon. nothing says summer like day drinking at a baseball game! lesson-learned: here's a sure-fire way to be in bed by 9 pm on a saturday night:

1. crack open a bud light by 10:30 am.

2. find a beer garden.

3. have approximately 7-10 more by the 8th inning of a baseball game.

4. find a rooftop deck.

5. consume more beer.

done and done. at least we managed to bring summertime to an overcast Saturday baseball game in Seattle!!

orange: necklace is the fantastic Juicy Couture; shirt is Gap; sun glasses are an NYC souvenir by Ralph Lauren.

violet: tank top is Forever 21; cardigan is Isaac Mizrahi for Target; sunglasses are THE Jessica Simpson find previously noted.

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