Monday, May 18, 2009

sunkissed. by violet.

i love being tan. i can't help it. i think i look WAY better with color in my cheeks and i just cannot get enough of the glowing, sunkissed effect. my aunt jo says it best: "a good tan covers a multitude of sins".

yesterday brought Seattle sunshine AND heat which is almost like spotting a unicorn running down 5th avenue. we were fortunate enough to soak up the vitamin D from the deck of a boat and it made my summer planning kick into high gear. i am seriously looking forward to endless days of sun dresses, sun glasses, sunburns and sunshine. this is the quintessential sun kit of mine for 2009:

1. Top Shop cover-up

2. Jessica Simpson aviators

3. tinted moisturizer

4. havianas

5. floppy beach hat

6. hobo beach bag

now i'm just going to sit and wait for the next nice day in the city where i can USE my sun kit...

1 comment:

  1. i couldn't agree more...everyone looks happier, prettier and skinnier when they're tan!