Thursday, May 14, 2009

the trip. by orange

About a week ago I was in a lovely seat on American Airlines on my way to the big apple with the husband. The trip was a 2008 christmas gift as I'd never been to the city before. The NYC trip made me think back to how a trip with the significant other can really be the make it or break it of the relationship.

When the husband and I first started dating, about 9 months in, we went on our first trip together to Akumal, Mexico. Besides it being our first trip together, there was one other major stressor that added to this trip. We had just moved in to a place we bought together a week prior to the trip. Yeah...we have really good timing.

Here are some of my favorite memories and lessons learned of that trip....

1) First off, the husband and I are both pretty freaking pale. I think the sun reflected off of us so much we were like white lights on the beach :).

2) When we arrived the place was nice...but not spectacular. As I had never been on a tropical/beach vacation before I was thinking luxurious hotel room, crisp linens, etc. This was more like a beach shack. An average "nice" room.
- this did spawn the first argument of the trip. I blame it mostly on a full day of travel, heat, and too high expectations.

***lesson learned: check out for recent photos and reviews of the hotel/resort from fellow travelers.

3) The doll-making 70 year old couple that we met at the daily happy hour who have been traveling to Akumal for the past 16 years every March. It made me hope that the husband and I would someday be like them. Just thinking about them brings a smile to my face.

4) Even though I am a nice pale white shade, I still enjoy pretending I can tan and laying out. The husband - not so much. So when day 3 hit and we were still on the beach, the husband got a bit ancy to get up and do some stuff.

***lesson learned: discuss a loose plan for the trip; making sure you are both on the same page so no unnecessary quarrels start. figure out a good compromise. or (this is my favorite solution) go on a vacation with another couple and that way the group can split up to head out to different day trips.

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