Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the summer unpack. by orange

Have you ever been told to go shopping in your own closet as a way to save money while satisfying the urge to shop? I say bull shit. Sure you can save some money, but I don't have a wardrobe big enough where I find re-discoveries and/or surprises of shirts and pants that I didn't know I had. Rather as I go through my closet I say, "wow I have nothing to wear...what a surprise as I thought this 15 min ago when I tried 'shopping in my closet.'" ...and I still want brand new, shiny shoes and a crisp new shirt.

The closest I have gotten to a successful end result while "shopping in my own closet" comes when unpacking summer or winter clothes. You may ask, unpacking?! With not having the closet of Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, come winter most of my summer tanks, shorts and sandals go into hibernation in the comfy tupperware bins in our guest bedroom.

With pieces of clothes sleeping the winter away, those articles tend to fade in my memory over the long cold season. Thus creating a smile on my face when pulling out the red patent leather flip flops or the dark denim true religion crop shorts. Not exactly the same as buying a new piece, however, almost there. I usually think - so happy I bought those!

Sunshine in Seattle has arrived. This summer's favorite un-pack item has to be my gold Lukas sandals by Steve Madden. What's your favorite summer sandal?

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  1. sometimes I do find something new in my closet ...or really, just a new way to wear it...LOVE those sandals!