Sunday, May 10, 2009

nyc love. by orange

i'm back from a whirlwind week!

for the last week i was all over the map - running 13.1 miles in Eugene OR, back in Seattle for some marathon packing, then off to nyc to sightsee, shop, walk the city, see a broadway show, hang out in brooklyn, shop some more and have some B list celebrity sightings...

here are my top ten moments of the city:

1) drooling in the chanel store...oh how i am in lust with that brand

2) taking a rickshaw/bike tour of central park

3) finding the perfect nyc dress at Zara and a bright yellow coat at Kenneth Cole (see picture of jacket in black)

4) street food! (mainly the ballpark-like pretzels)

5) going out on the lower east side: lots and lots and lots of bars open til 4am...all close by to yummy pizza joints (beats drunk mcdonalds food any night!)

6) seeing the skyline at night from the top of the rock...accompanied by 500+ 12 year olds

7) seeing kate bosworth while shopping at top shop

8) witnessing a 70 year old man walking the streets in all neon, all spandex. glorious sight to see

9) watching the billy elliot cast (mostly under the age of 13) dancing like maniacs!

10) being offered a nutella and banana snack to toast to a very expensive 5 year olds birthday party at the Juicy Couture store off 5th (Kelly's daughter from Real Housewives of NYC)

and a few surprises:

1) top shop is more expensive in the US then in London - what the hell?!

2) i heard the cabs are crazy in nyc and i have a pretty strong stomach - but even sober, they made me car sick! all the punching the gas, punching the breaks - oh vey!

3) a new favorite word to use: fresh. ie: "you are so fresh!" - meaning you are acting sassy.

4) how nice everyone was in the city. i was expecting rudeness all the time, but it was not so!

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