Wednesday, May 20, 2009

art of the party. by violet.

baby showers. birthday parties. weddings. anniversaries. promotions. bridal showers. engagement celebrations. renewal of vows. family reunions.

each of these events are widely-known as milestones in all our lives. usually family and friends pour in by the dozens to raise a glass and celebrate each other. aside from the standard photo ops and facebook albums, wouldn’t it be so perfect to have a creative way to capture these moments in time?

well, guess what. the ever lovely Mrs. Haley Pendergraft has beat you to it! she has designed, created and successfully implemented the fabulous PARTY ART. the concept began when Haley was a teacher, eager to captivate her little ones with a hands-on, fun-for-everyone classroom activity. soon enough, this project blossomed into a fabulous product and a full-time business for Haley.

Party Art comes as a kit with a 20-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle, special brushes, a collection of paint and a frame. Each guest is handed a piece of the puzzle and gets started! Once all of the pieces are painted, modge-podged, written on… they are assembled and framed and voila! A one-of-a-kind piece of art to represent your special event.

i love this concept!! i cannot wait to use it for a baby shower at work this summer. i'm picturing pinks and oranges, images of baby-things, cute quotes on motherhood... it'll be adorable. we'll post pictures of our finished product!

please check out PARTY ART! everyone needs a little time to get paint all over themselves and pour out some creativity... this is the perfect opportunity!

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