Monday, May 11, 2009

hangin' around. by violet.

i am so excited for summer. not just because of the beach, BBQs, warm weather or baseball games. but mostly because i LOVE wearing flowy summer dresses. my closet is packed full of jersey, cotton and gauzy numbers just begging to come out and play. these outfits are perfect because you can dress them up or wear flip flops with them- super versatile, but always feminine and sexy.

the only thing i need to spend some time and money on is ACCESSORIZING. you can take one dress and fancy it up in 10 different ways with the right collection of jewelry. so, this summer i will focus on finding necklaces to make my dresses pop. here are 4 pieces i am officially coveting:

layers and layers of charm would sass up a long, strapless dress.

this makes me swoon. throw on a black sundress and heels… voila! cute little going-out look with little effort.

these pearls would be so perfect over a cream-colored party dress.

mojito-colored magic. it would go with anything.

do you any ultimate accessory finds to share with us?? please do!

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