Thursday, May 21, 2009

when i grow up, i wanna be a rockstar. by violet.

thanks to the ever adorable Emily of cupcakesandcashmere, my penchant for a sugary-sweet love story became that much more ridiculous. before you laugh, i dare you to check out this blog.

apparently, josh and naomi are put on this earth to inspire us all with their style, their romance, their creativity and their stories on rockstar diaries. they take road trips, they use a Polaroid camera, they’re total foodies, they use DC and NYC as their playground, she has unbelievable style, he is awesomely talented and together, they make THE cutest couple in the blog world.

rockstar diaries hosts a brilliant feature called “here’s to happiness” (to which i want to contribute!). they collect lists from their friends of the 10 things that make them terribly happy. it is so simple, sweet and a breath of fresh air. i am obsessed with their lists! please visit them and soon enough, you will be just as smitten as i am. promise.

sidenote: orange violet will be submitting our own “here’s to happiness lists” and would love for you to share yours!

** all pictures courtesy of naomi and josh & their brilliant friends. see more here.

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