Wednesday, May 6, 2009

p.s. i've been inspired. by violet.

anyone who knows me is constantly telling me the reason i'm broke is cause i love my manicures. i will point all nay-sayers to mrs. orange's last post and say HA! $10 for an accessory all week long? i say i'm SAVING money.

honestly, i didn't need anymore encouragement to run out and have my nails done, but i took it from orange anyway. i went down to nails spa tan (another epic name) in lower Queen Anne and demanded my piece of the South Beach collection by OPI.

sigh. nothing rounds out a Sunday afternoon like a manicure.

sidenote: view the OPI rainbow in its entirety
here and start coordinating your wardrobe.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, yes...I am so glad you were inspired like I was by her nail blog. I have been dreaming of a springy manicure since I read it. And I laughed out loud, I believe it's called LOL, when you claimed a 10 $ a week accessory was essentially a proclamation in budget accessorizing. I'm all for that rationalization.