Sunday, May 17, 2009

where have you been all my life. by orange

I feel downright sheepish that I did not know of this lovely brand of shoes. Jeffrey Campbell. He makes Fabulous shoes! His shoes reign from Spain and they are known for creativity in small quantities. Some of the shoes are produced in quantities less than 100 pairs! The shoe that made me fall in love with this brand might just be one of these limited quanity pairs - as I can only find them in a size 8 (deep sigh...)

my shoe muse...The Michelle (thank you

Check out these that I found and just try not to drool...

From Top Left: Lattice, Tinier, Boudoir, Cause, Fringe, Drops. What fun names as well!

I found these all at the likes of:, free people, urban outfitters, madison la, lori's shoes.

Oh how my heart aches for size 6.5 or 7 Michelles...

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