Monday, January 11, 2010

Mobile Chow Down Part Two. by violet

Back in October, I tried Seattle’s first Mobile Chow Down. The event must have been a success because they held another one this past weekend.

The crew hungry and ready

We learned a few things the last time. First, get there early, the lines are long. Second, the Marination Mobile line starts out long and stays long. Third, go for smaller portions to be able to taste more things.

Taking our own advice, J., Eric, Liz and I all arrived around 10:30-10:45. We immediately got in line for Marination. Even still we were probably 7-10 people deep in line. Ben and his mom were behind us in line. He provided the entertainment while we were waiting.

Ben. Don't you love his hat?

J. and I ordered pork sliders, beef tacos and a quesadilla to share. The sliders and the tacos were by far my favorite. The kalua pork topped with slaw on the slider had great flavor and although it was tender it wasn’t shredded beyond recognition. The kalbi beef taco was similar – tender meat without being unidentifiable with more of the tangy and crispy slaw.

Sliders and tacos


I had trouble deciding which one I liked better. Maybe next time I will try the SPAM slider.

After the mini feast from Marination I was pretty full. But I did have room for a gordita form El Camion. The cranitas gordita had a thick handmade tortilla which was crispy on the outside and topped with grilled onions, Cotija cheese, salsa verde and avocado.


To finish things up, a rainbow sprinkles donut from Top Pot. Top Pot donuts are amazing – heavy and cakey with an almost crackly bottom and an excellent frosting to cake ratio. I would call them my favorite of all time but that honor goes to this place back home– plus they have the special power of vivid memories – balancing a warm box on my knees on the way home in my mom’s Volvo, the sweet smell of filling the car. Love you, Top Pot but nothing can beat Stan’s.

Rainbow sprinkles make me happy

I was little sad not to see Maximus Minimus at the Chow Down this time around. I loved the veggies chips and ginger lemonade from there last time around. But the addition of Top Pot was defiantly appreciated.

Seems like these events are taking off and I’m sure me and my appetite will be ready and waiting.

Violet, in the Hush Puppies Hattie - black knee high boots with patent trim

Hilarious.  I must remember this.

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