Thursday, January 7, 2010

Odds and End. by violet

Even though I don’t have any feeling in either of my big or pinkie toes and I took a tumble in the lobby of work, it was totally worth it for these:

Just finished reading Pretty in Plaid by Jen Lancaster. It’s totally hilarious. It’s not very often that a book gets me to laugh out loud but this one did, multiple times. Her anticdotes about growing up had me giggling on the plane ride home from California. And she totally nails sorority recruitment and the hopelessness of your first corporate paycheck. I’m buying her other three books imminently and have added her blog to my favorites. Thanks, Pisanos for the awesome Christmas gift.

Thinking ahead to Saturday night's dinner, maybe Real Simple’s Zesty Chicken Enchiladas. It’s easy, tasty and keeps great as leftovers, unless you have any other suggestions. Maybe some cupcakes for dessert?

Going to see Sherlock Holmes with J., Orange and Orange husband. Pretty excited to see what RDJ and Guy Ritchie have done with the classic.

Violet, in Seychelles Dare pump - grey satin pumps with metallic snake skin

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