Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Great Closet Purge. by violet

In a quest to move my life to a little bit more organized and a little bit more Zen-like, I thought an epic cleaning out of my closet was in order.

This is not an easy task for me. I’m a pack rat by nature. On top of that is my wild clothes imagination – I can’t throw that away, what if I get invited to a Mercer Island garden party? It would be perfect to wear there. Or what happens when J. and I want to climb Mt. Rainer? I’m going to need all the layers I can get. Never mind that the chances of either of these events happening are less than 1%. And even if, by some outside chance, it were to happen, I would NEVER remember that I had the garment that’s perfect to said occasion and would promptly go buy something new anyway.

On top of that I develop severe attachments to clothes - t-shirts and sweatshirts in particular - high school soccer, sorority dances, colleges I’ve visited and anything with University of Oregon on it. That dance was so much fun! That was the dance where my date got kicked out. I loved that college – if they would have let me in I would have gone there! It happens with other items too. But I wore that dress to a wedding where a groomsman asked me to dance, so it’s got good juju. But I wore that during that awesome trip to Hawaii.

Orange was on a similar tract and we agreed that the rule should be, if I haven’t worn it in the last year, it has got to go.


Leading up to it I felt the excuses boiling up in my head. I could feel my mind starting to create wilder and wilder events that I might need the clothes for.

But then I got into it. The clothes started flying. My mantra was, don’t think, just throw away.

 And it worked. Before I knew it, we had six bags of clothes. And I’m already feeling more Zen like.

Do you have rule to follow when you clean your closet? How often do you evaluate what’s in it?

Violet in UGG Classic Short in chocolate


  1. Oh my gosh, we should all bring our bags to work and swap clothes - we could all come home with new goodies!

  2. I am not attached to most clothes, but I totally need to do a closet clean out! And my shoes...they need some serious purging.

  3. i totally did the same thing this summer. i still have some of the same shirts from 1994! they are now sleep shirts...but seriously, the "didn't wear it in the last year" rule is awesome! don't get me started with the shoes. you know that HUGE brown box in my room..that's all the shoes i threw out. notice that they haven't made it downstairs yet, though! wish we lived closer and could swap!