Thursday, January 7, 2010

winter clean up. by orange

As violet mentioned, we both went through a closet purge shortly after the New Year.  I'm not done with the project quite yet but have made some good progress.  Cleaning out the closet and drawers really makes me think back to Clueless and Cher's amazing closet.  And it makes me think how wonderful would a closet room be? yes I did say closet "room" - I currently have a walk in and it's not cutting it.

Filled with perhaps this wallpaper and looking as clean and crisp as the below.

Well that's not quite reality.  So I put the question to you - how do you organize your closet?  What works?  What doesn't?

So far, I've gone so far to color code my tops and that has seemed to help some.  No more digging through hangers wondering "no, not this purple shirt; i want the one with the ruffle; where is it hiding?!" 

Here is what we are working with:

Not crisp nor clean.  And you might be able to see, the jeans folded above are on a rack, in between the two racks of shirts on the right hand side of the first closet picture.  I also have a dresser with three drawers to utilize.  Those three drawers are of course full at the moment.  One drawer for socks, etc., another one with tanks & tees and the final one with misc. pants.


orange, wishing I was in these rad slippers.

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  1. Kim - you know someone in the business, how come you never check out They are even on sale!